A beautiful day to mask the worry.

It was sweet. I spent a great day in college. I had Literature with Ms Sunbeam in the morning and we went on with King Lear - nothing funny for the day, but it was good. :) And today, in the afternoon, was our first Contract class with Ms Donna Barclay (I know everyone in college calls her Ms Donna, but I'm gonna refer to her as Ms Barclay).

I only managed to get the back of Ms Barclay. She was taken writing some Contract law notes before explaining them. Okay. A little bit about her, for the curious - she hails from Australia but now refers to Kuching as her hometown. And she's married to a Malaysian. Not sure about whether she has kids though - I'm yet to find out. She was the first Law lecturer to reach out to me when the college heard news of my mom's passing (the first lecturer to reach out was Ms Sunbeam, of course).

This is how I do my notes. These notes are for Contract law. My writing is known to be circular and my pages are known to be splashed with colour here and there. And for the curious, I developed my cursive writing in late May.

Another shot of my Contract law notes - only this time, I took this shot during tutorial. We were supposed to fill up a table with some cases where contracts would lapse, or end.

Oh, and it was Johanna's birthday today. Zazie (Zalikha) and I chipped in some money, and then Zazie went to KLCC to buy what Johanna wanted so much - a book from Gerard Way (frontman of My Chemical Romance), "The Umbrella Academy". She was so elated, she squeezed me tight... and she even relented when I asked for a shot of her with the book. (See, not everyone gives in to photo requests.) Though she won't be having birthday cake anytime soon because her parents are away performing the hajj.

Me with my unkempt hair and moisturised face.

At least this masked all the worry I had in me about tomorrow's French class. I told Johanna and Zazie, anything happens, I'll be calling either one of them at 11:30 perhaps - after the French class. Now, I'm anticipating the response from the jury who examined me. Pray for me, please.


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