After the dénouement : 5U Reunion

Was this year's SPM results-giving ceremony the end of it all ?
No. Yesterday at 3:30 p.m. at the KLCC park area, we reunited (though not all of us were there).
Vivian, Sue Faye, Amrita, Lai Yuen, Rabiatul, Athirah, Farah Dinah, Amalina, Amelia, Anis, Skye and Yi Lin were present.

I remember full well that when I was taking this picture, we were looking for shelter as it looked like it was already going to rain.
(troisnyx* : is this a pondok ? Amrita : No, it's a fountain thingy.)

After not being able to find shelter and after just a few minutes of drizzle, we sat down in the open (i.e. on the pathway) to eat ! This is our group picture.
From left, front to back : Anis, Amelia, Farah Dinah, Rabiatul, troisnyx* (yes, I'm the one doing the trois gesture), Sue Faye, Vivian, Athirah, Amrita, Skye, Lai Yuen, Amalina and Yi Lin.

And they had to rest in a pondok which had other people in it !
From left : Amalina, Lai Yuen and Yi Lin.

Another group picture (this one doesn't need any introductions). Screw you, Amrita, for blocking me !

I know from the looks of some of us, we were fed up of taking photos and all we wanted to do was just sit down and eat !

The spread of unopened food and drink, all waiting to be consumed. (Oh, and by the way, that little orange umbrella is mine.)

Yes, and after the food was all opened we sat down and whacked it all up. :)

The photographer for the most part of the reunion, Lai Yuen.

Athirah fanning herself with a paper plate. It was hot, and no one had any mini fans or even those battery-powered electric fans, so we had to make do with paper plates !

Oh shoot, my hand's all covered in poop - er, Hershey's chocolate...

Just look at what's left of the pizza we brought ! :'(

It was already drizzling (and shining at the same time), so we took shelter under the vines... and we realised that it wasn't shelter after all !
Amrita is no longer in the picture because she had to leave at 4:30.

Huddling under the vines.
From left, top to bottom : Farah Dinah, Rabiatul, Amalina, Amelia, Athirah, Lai Yuen, Anis, Skye, troisnyx*, Yi Lin, Vivian, Sue Faye.

Now, on to my favourite part - jumping poses !

How we did these pictures was easy : we counted to three, and after "THREE !" everyone jumped and we'd snap the picture while everyone was in mid-air.
From left : Farah Dinah, Sue Faye, troisnyx*, Anis, Rabiatul and Skye. See, everyone did show some modesty. Except for yours truly. And the huge orange umbrella had to come in the picture.

From left : Vivian, Sue Faye, Skye.
Skye looks so unnatural in this. I don't know why.

This shot was taken on my phone and Skye says she loves the shape of it all.
From left : Sue Faye, Vivian, Yi Lin, Lai Yuen and Skye.

Skye and I were taking shelter under.... the huge orange umbrella !

The "umbrella shelter shot" was taken with a clearer camera this time.
(Sue Faye : wah, orangey. It wasn't even raining !
troisnyx* : well, with all that drizzle and my just-done hairdo, I had to !)

Vivian, Yi Lin, Skye and Lai Yuen posing for the camera.
And I hear Skye wants to change her namesake to "Decem" ? No, to me, you're still Skye.
Skye and Athirah under the shade of... I don't know, vines ?
Reviewing the photos a little while before Skye and I had to head home.

Thanks to all of you who came... for brightening up my day and making this event a happy one. And a special thank you to Sue Faye and Vivian for planning the gathering and getting us all togeher. Even if this may not be in my head forever, it'll always be in OTN for as long as we can ever remember.

Also, thank you, Skye... for giving me strength before we parted ways.
Go see Vivian's blog for more pictures - especially those taken on her camera.
P.S. Sorry for blogging this very late, I know I shouldn't have put it off but for eighteen hours I was in Narin's place in Ipoh, stuck there with two computers and no Internet.


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