I have a feeling that this could be an error in rendering.

I was playing Kingdom Hearts II and Jasvin was with me. Then we browsed Jiminy's Journal (in Kingdom Hearts, Jiminy Cricket is the chronicler), and I just browsed Timeless River's line of characters. Timeless River is the black-and-white, old-skool version of the Disney world. I looked at Sora's render, and to my horror, look what I found !

Do you actually see how ugly that could be on a normal human ?
I don't mind the stick legs because that's supposed to be an "old-skool version" of the Disney world. Even Donald and Goofy have stick legs over there. But... put this all together and Sora looks absolutely horrendous. I'm just lucky I don't usually go to Timeless River. But if I do, I'll have to bear the horror of seeing that slightly-deformed version of Sora everywhere I go. Because he bends and moves at the command of my left analog stick. And ugh, seeing his small butt is so irritating.


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