Darned Organisation XIII!

I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix ever since I got the game some two weeks ago. Playing. Incessantly.
And I seriously don't know why this stupid bunch of people called Organisation XIII had to come into the picture.

for starters, xemnas (#1, whom haters call man-sex) is so obsessed with anger and hate that he can't think of any other emotions. then we have #2, xigbar, who is so snide, and uses his freaking snipers so much, he irritates me. #3, xaldin, is so difficult to defeat that i had to spend one whole hour training sora by increasing at least ten levels. can't say much about vexen, our #4, because he's one of the easiest to defeat, i guess... the voice of lexaeus, our #5, is so familiar, yet irritating, because he sounds like some overburdened kung fu master trying his best to sound powerful and angry. #6, zexion, doesn't even have a proper weapon to his name, and we don't know if that big book he's carrying will ever qualify as a weapon. saïx, our #7, pretends to be caring but can actually flare up when he wants to, and i seriously don't buy into his care and blue hair. #9, demyx, may as well be my ally because of his musical talent but all the same, he's no better than the others. and we are told not to gamble but #10, luxord, always disobeys that fool - um, rule. #11, marluxia, has a name and a hair colour that make him look gay, and his stupid pink scythe makes him even harder to defeat. larxene, #12, who's the only female member of organisation xiii, is also not a good example because of her sadistic, unnatural behaviour.

The only ones I pity are #8 (Axel) and #13 (Roxas) because they seem to be the only members of Organisation XIII who have some form of pity and emotion.
P.S. I wrote an earlier post on Organisation XIII - I gave each member a full biography : go look up Kingdom Hearts (the pink Keyblade icon on the sidebar, you're sure to find it).


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