"The host must be protective of the ghost."

Ms Sunbeam meant to say "The host must be protective of the guest" while making a reference to how Macbeth (in the play of the same name) would've had a great chance to kill King Duncan while on a visit to Macbeth's house. But because from Act 3 Scene 7 (yes, the one which I thought I couldn't wait for) the tension was just rising, we found it a little overbearing.

We're all sane people, I presume - so we just couldn't take it that Gloucester's eyes were being pierced out by Cornwall. I was sitting right next to Joanne and Prabha and every time Cornwall was doing some kind of b******ly act (for lack of a better word), an expletive would come out of my mouth.

And when Cornwall did pierce out Gloucester's eyes, I was angry. Beyond all borders of sense. I muttered another expletive under my breath.

No one in his right mind would wanna pierce someone's eyes out even without evidence. And as the story progressed, more expletives came out of my mouth (all muttered under my breath, of course ; I would never want Ms Sunbeam to hear them). All this reminds me too vividly of how a certain whoreson and his wife killed my mom.

King Lear is one drama filled with suggestive themes, abusive language, hints of patricide and perhaps, filicide, anger and hate, father going against daughter and son going against father, and being an emotive person, as I read all this, I am overcome with anger and hatred for the people who are responsible for mom's death... and even as all this is happening in the world around me, I pray God that all these themes in King Lear may never come true for me ever again.


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