A reply from Yasmin Ahmad

My favourite film director, Yasmin Ahmad, replied to one of my comments. It started with this :

yasmin said...
rohana and rohani's numbers were of course from the holy quran. but they didn't even bother to find that out. they cannot be bothered to pick up the holy book! the singaporean audience even had among them people who brought internet friendly mobile phones and blackberries to check the origin of the numbers in the holy book, but our genius reporters refused to do that. they'd rather write inaccurately and then force the wrong conclusion on their readers.
may allah protect me from their ill-intentions.
December 7, 2008 7:06 AM

troisnyx* said...
And I'm pretty sure He will ! After all, you meant well ! -.- Dang, those 'reporters' need to be given a lesson on reporting - um, life.
December 7, 2008 7:39 AM

yasmin said...
you're such a comfort, troisnyx
December 7, 2008 8:00 AM

To which I finally replied :

Na. I'm not the comfort. :) See, God uses people to work in mysterious ways. Just as He does in you.

Whether it be Yasmin Ahmad, or Taylor Swift, or Zazie, or Laurent Boutonnat and his likes, or troisnyx*, or any other aspiring artiste or activist, or even just the ordinary layman who isn't brought to mention, we all have a part to play in reaching out to others. Having followed Yasmin Ahmad's blog, I know that her way of touching people's hearts is through films - not ordinary, Hollywood-esque films, but films which have strong characters and help us to realise that no matter how life can suck around us, there're still virtues for us to hold on. Having followed Zazie's songs since - well, I just started, but yeah - I know that her forte is writing heart-piercing lyrics.

And me ?

I want my songs to touch people's hearts. Songs as a whole. For years they've gone unnoticed - today they're in a rather insignificant AMR (phone recording) format, but I know deep within, He sees me. He sees my efforts. My tears. I believe that with every note, with every drumbeat, He tells me that an answer is on the way. And I believe the Lord will use me just as He used the people around me.

P.S. Salut et bonne continuation to everyone who reads this post - layman, worker, researcher, artisan, activist, guy on the front line, estranged person from the sidewalks - for touching the hearts of the people around you. Some of you have touched my heart in particular, and I thank God for you.


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