Ah, the smell of New Year's.

Dad incensed the house at midnight.

Just so you'd know, it's a tradition mom, dad and I have been practising for years. Only this time, mom isn't here with us anymore.

She used to love the smell of incense filling the house on New Year's Day. It reminded her of the presence of God, it reminded her of blessings, it gave her hopes for a good year ahead.

Today, we hope against all hope that our dreams do come true.

Today, we ask for the intercession of the Lord.

And today, we remember those who can't usher in the New Year on a happy note - especially those in war-torn countries and those who are grieving. Jolynn especially mentioned those suffering in Palestine ; Yasmin Ahmad mentioned the sufferers at the Gaza strip. Let us remember them in our prayers, and hope against all hope that this world be restored.

The world doesn't know Him.
Let us set out to tell the world about Him.

Bonjour 2009. Je viens juste de vous voir ; que vous puissiez nous tirer de notre chagrin. Je compte sur vous pour réparer tout le dommage que l’année précédente a fait…


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