My other favourite game.

My other favourite game is Jak 3.

DK, if you come across this post, know now that this is the miracle disc that pushed my spoken French up.

Thing is, if I do insert the Jak 3 disc into the PlayStation, for the most part I'd be watching clips from the scene player. Chers amis, j'ai des photos ! Oh, gaming never got so naughty before. In the USA and in English-speaking nations this was rated T (Teen) by ESRB - mainly for suggestive themes and violence - but I reckon that in French-speaking nations this'd have landed an M (Mature) rating because of the language.

I know full well that Jak 3 came out some three years ago, but I'm still addicted to it, just as I am addicted to Kingdom Hearts. And, as I might have told some of you, the scene player in Jak 3 helped me to improve my French and speak much more fluently than before (even if I was edging a bit on the vulgar side) !

So, these are a few of my favourite shots from the entire series of clips (I'll introduce the characters so you'll know which is which when I talk about them). For most of the screenshots, I included dialogues - sorry, though, because I couldn't find the English version of the lines for some of the clips - see, I've been playing Jak 3 entirely in French for donkey's years. Anyway, the screenshots :

This. Is Jak. Well-built, peroxide hair, blue tunic and red scarf, he is the main protagonist of the game.
If you look carefully at all the shots, notice that Jak's ears are slightly different from the rest (all the other characters have perfectly pointed ears ; Jak's ears are slightly tapered towards the ends).

[English version] Jak : You had a son ?
[French version] Jak : Vous aviez un fils ?
Jak was talking to Damas, the King of Spargus (sorry I coudln't get a shot while he was facing the front). And all this while, Jak and Damas didn't realise that they were linked by blood : Damas was Jak's father.

This one was taken from the gameplay itself. Jak has twelve weapons to choose from, and I took some weapon which had a codename "Supernova". Take a good look at the mushroom cloud !

[English version] Keira : I’m with him (Jak).
[French version] Keira : J’suis avec lui.
I presume this one needs no introductions. The guy with a log on his head, his name is Samos and he's Keira's father.

[English version still uncertain]
[French version] Veger : Veger, crétin ! C’est Veger !
This was an almost immediate response to the previous shot I took. I know Daxter always mispronounces Veger's name. In the French version (which I almost always watch) Daxter pronounced his name as “Comte Vulgaire” (Count Vulgar) and Vénère. Veger must've been pissed !

[English version] Ashelin : Count Veger, I hereby dissolve the council of Haven City.
[French version] Ashelin : Comte Veger, je dissous le Haut Conseil d’Abriville.
I had to take this shot because I loved the part where Veger was getting humiliated in front of all the protagonists. Veger is one of the main antagonists in Jak 3. This shot came a few frames after the previous one. Oh, and Ashelin's the one in red hair, and we speculate that he may be Jak's sweetheart.....

[English version] Daxter : That’s a good sign, right ?
[French version] Daxter : C’est bon signe, pas vrai ?
Daxter is a cross between an otter and a weasel, known in the game as an "Ottsel" [French : "beloutre" (cross between "belette" and "outre")]. He always has that look of uncertainty on his face whenever he and Jak are to embark on a difficult mission - that made me wanna take his picture all the more !

[English version still uncertain]
[French version] Torn : Ça veut dire… qu’aucun éclaireur n’est revenu vivant pour en reparler.
This is an immediate reaction to the previous shot : I guess the look of uncertainty on Daxter's face is quite justified when Torn tells Daxter none of the scouts came back alive from the sewers. And now Jak and Daxter had to undertake that mission !

[English version] Jak : Dark, dirty, dangerous… I’m beginning to like this war.
[French version] Jak : Obscure, sordide, dangereuse… cette guerre commence à me plaire.
This is an almost immediate reaction to the previous shot - I cut out all of Daxter's lamenting.

[English version still uncertain]
[French version] Kleiver : Ferme-là, face de rat, ou je t’écrabouille !
Now, take a close look at Daxter's face. Kleiver says he wants to hammer Daxter if he doesn't shut up, but Daxter finds that Kleiver has bad breath !

[English version] Daxter : I’ve got two words for you : tooth brush !
[French version] Daxter : J’ai trois mots à vous dire : brosse à dents !
This one is an immediate reaction to the previous shot I took.

[English version] Tess : Daxter. My hero !
[French version] Tess : Daxter. Mon héros !
Now, observe how Tess is hugging Daxter - it turned out to be a stroboscopic shot instead of a still one, because of the fast movement of the characters in that scene.
[English version]
Daxter : Are you worried about me, my little Tessy boo ?
Tess : Of course, my itty-bitty whisker puss !

[French version]
Daxter : Tu t’inquiètes pour moi, ma petite Tessy d’amour ?
Tess : Bien sûr, mon mignon, trognon bébé chéri !

So, a game with (non-excessive) suggestive themes ? (Non-excessive) violence ? Language (as in the case of Jak 3 in French ; the English version happens to be clean) ?
I'm game. :D


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