Chain of Misfortune

It's a game I created for a Kingdom Hearts-themed party. The way the game is played is based on the hit release, Kingdom Hearts Re : Chain of Memories. Only this time, there're some differences.
The game will use cards, just like Re : Chain. The design of the card is going to be similar to Re : Chain, except that instead of a picture/symbol, a penalty will be written in the white box.

There'll be five types of cards, and each type will be explained below :

  • R : offense card. The types of penalties written here are "actions". So if two cards are paired and the loser holds a red card, he has to perform the action written on the card. So if the card says, "Act like Shah Rukh Khan", the person has to act like Shah Rukh Khan. If the card says "Bang your head against the wall", you must bang your head against the wall.
  • G : defense card. The types of penalties written here are "questions". If two cards are paired and the loser holds a green card, he has to read the question aloud and answer it. I might be using the random questions from Blogger (ex : "What spells can you cast with magic markers ?").
  • B : respite card. However, it isn't respite for the loser of the tally ! The types of penalties written here are "subjects". If the person loses the tally while holding a blue card, then he'll have to make a weird story based on that subject. So if the word "Monkey" is written on the card, he'll have to make a weird story about monkeys or an encounter with a monkey.
  • Y : story card. These are the only cards which do not have penalties. There'll be two of them in the game ; they'll be passed around while the music is played (just like passing around the poisoned parcel). Once the music stops, the two people holding Story Cards must come up front and select a card from one of the four colour decks.
  • D : enemy card. Note that D stands for darkness. The types of penalties written on these cards are "actions meant to be done on people". Say if I lose while holding a dark card and the instruction on the card is "Poke so-and-so on the side", I have to poke that person on the side, no matter how he retaliates, I still have to do it.
And below, is how the tally is done :

Each card is numbered from 0-9. Playing Chain of Misfortune, or even Re : Chain, is much like a game of Snap - if the value of your card is higher, you win. 7 is more than 4, 3 is more than 2, 9 is more than 5, 1 is more than 0 and so on.

However, there is one exception :

If card #7, #8 or #9 is paired up against a #0 card, the #0 card wins. Note that this only applies for cards #7, #8 and #9.

Well, there isn't gonna be Chain of Misfortune without the cards - so I'd better sit down to making them. It's rather easy to make, only that I need to get the required materials. If I do have a Kingdom Hearts-themed party, I'll use this.

For the rest of you who come across this idea and would like to use it, you're most welcome to do so ! :D

The R, G and B cards are based on the R, G and B map cards of Re : Chain ; the Y cards are based on the golden story cards in Re : Chain. The enemy cards are based on the enemy cards available in Sora's deck in Re : Chain. All cards and colours are trademarks of Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix.


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