I had a dream

It was last night.

I went to bed at 1-something, after a few hours of Kingdom Hearts, checking e-mails, and working on the Christmas album project.

Narin was asleep, so was Dad. And for that little bit of time that I was awake, I was praying... and I had a mental struggle. There was this urge in me - this urge to beat the drums. I voiced out a cry of help to the Lord and offered Him everything in my heart. I also gave him the thought I held closest to my heart - the hope of being His drummer girl.

After a while, I slept.

The dream began.

I saw myself in church (in Assumption, yes), and it was the recessional hymn ; I was playing drums (and I'm not sure who took my place on the synth). I gave it my all. I didn't do any other fast-paced fills (like what Cyril would usually do) because I'm still not capable of doing so yet. I saw that impressed look on Cyril's face at the end of it all. And at that point in time, I was elated. Some time later, as I stepped out of church, I met one of my friends... and that was it.

Considering that I only started practising on the drums last January, it's been technically a year since I started playing the drums. I'm not including the time I attempted to play the drums (which was somewhere in May 2007). And while I was in bed, hoping that someone would take me by the hand and lift me up, there God came and lifted me up.

And not very long ago, even if I had urges to play the drums, I would control myself because of the fear that dad would insult me again, like he did the last time.

I will keep on playing. I won't fear anything anymore.

From that dream, I have a good reason to believe that He said yes.


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