Voice test — one, two, three.

Just so that I could properly vocalise, I sang "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" in the bathroom. Now, I know it's quite an awkward time to sing that, because Christmas is over and it's Chinese New Year, but I had to do it for the Christmas album project. I had to get my voice ready. Hoping that no one would hear me, I ran the shower (along with the steam) and sang.

Someone caught me singing in the bathroom.

It was dad.

I suppose he went into the room to watch Discovery Channel, and he must've heard my voice along with the shower running. I didn't even hear him coming in !
I came out of the bathroom not long after, draped in a towel. Dad told me he heard someone singing in the bathroom. A long pause followed. Uh-oh, that spelled trouble for me ! I was about to turn my head away when he said,

"Not bad."

Oh. Okay. But as we francophones say, bah, il fallait le dire tout de suite !

It was 10-something in the morning - past 10:30, I'd say - and I went into my room, changed and had my breakfast of four idlis. So he does like this voice. Thank you, Lord. :)

Some three or four hours after publishing, someone asked for a singing video. I could do so, if I had a better camera. Well, the time will come when I do get one and I put a proper video like that. But for now, I've only got AMR drafts.


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