Whispers after midnight

I was listening to Alizée’s “En Concert” album. I know it’s been five years since her Gourmandises/Mes Courants Électriques concert but…

The exchange between Alizée and the audience was rather electrifying.

The applause was overwhelming. And who knows, it could’ve elevated Alizée or anyone in her position.

The song arrangements were specially done for the concert.

Everyone who watched the concert was left practically awestruck.

Just listening to it (note : listening, not watching) makes me yearn to get out there and perform, despite the numerous restraints dad, or anyone else for that matter, puts on me.

I know I’ll get up there someday.

The 100, 000-strong crowd which formed part of Mylène Farmer’s Mylenium Tour and Alizée’s 2004 concert –

I’ll own that same crowd someday. Who knows, maybe in even greater numbers…


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