Out with the old, in with the new

After rewatching some videos on the choir's official blog, it dawned upon me that they were supposed to replace the piano in the school hall.

They finally did (click for source of comment), and the old Petrof which I used to use... is now resting in peace.

Not sure where it ended up, but thinking about it brings back memories.

Memories of Ressonnant Inc.

The choir which is often given thumbs-up for commendable performances, particularly from Malaysians.

The choir which is known for its dancing conductor and pretty eccentric pianist, its star vocalists, its star trainer and a powerpack of talent.

I guess I can proudly say that I experienced using pretty old, worn-out stuff in order to begin my musical journey. Or what ? Well, I suppose, if the new piano were there back then, my journey would've been very, VERY different. It'd probably mean that I was spoon-fed.

Today, I still face a lot of trouble in the process of making a name for myself, musically. It's almost the same as in secondary school. And I don't know how long I must wait until I reach my destination. But whenever I think of Ressonnant, and the training sessions I had, I never cease to think that I might never find a better choir than this - the vocals, the warmth and the atmosphere are like none other.


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