Deck the halls

Tomorrow's the first Sunday of Advent.

Advent refers to the preparatory four weeks before Christmas, where we contemplate the Lord's coming into our hearts, and where we atone for our sins.

A redecoration is due.

I decided to bring back the header...... for lack of anything better to do. Once I learn how to get around Blogger Classic's HTML layout, I'll do something better. Next year, I suppose.
Feedback please !

Meanwhile, I digress.

This vid was sent by a person whom I hold dear to me. And this was after she found out that I was intrigued by "Little Drummer Boy". FYI, this version is by Jars of Clay.

To say the least, I was deeply moved by this. I was especially moved towards the end, where the lead singer was pounding on the bass drum with all of his heart. This gives me an idea......


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