The first round of feedback

sounds great. Where do you plan to stage it? Marketing? Hier, à 15:45 ·This would be awesome =D Hier, à 16:29 ·

troisnyx :
@A: I'm in the midst of drafting everything, though I'll need as many people to budget and keep drafts where possible.

@B: Tell the Cempakans about this. :)
Hier, à 19:08 ·

troisnyx*, j'adore... qu'est-ce qu'on doit faire alors ? tu dis camp point-neuf ;-)
Hier, à 20:25 ·

troisnyx : Je sais qu’au début c’est difficile de développer un setting uniquement pour la comédie musicale. Pour l’instant on ne doit que l’imaginer, et si j’arrive à récolter assez de monde pour les chansons et les scènes, on va parfaire notre travail tout d’abord. Ça prend du temps ! Une fois prête, nous allons devoir dépenser quelques centaines pour les matériaux… (on ne fait que commencer) ! C’est un grand projet, mais je peux déjà prévoir sa réussite.
Hier, à 21:22 ·

Will do! =D
Hier, à 21:36 ·

troisnyx : Okay, good. Tell everyone whom I met the other time and get them to follow the CDSN site ! I'll post the story soon but I need to get it organised. Also, I'll need songwriters and lyricists to begin the effort.
Hier, à 21:39 ·

Alright, I'l do what I can =)
Hier, à 21:40 ·

troisnyx : Thank you ^_^
Hier, à 21:43 ·

troisnyx : @A: Staging - IB or if I start internationally, better still ! Either way, we have to estimate costs of rehearsals and things we need before going to the staging right away. Right ?
Hier, à 21:52 ·

What's IB? Costs of rehearsals etc : yup ur right. LOL I've never been involved in staging a play before so forgive the blurness :p Il y a 7 heures ·

troisnyx : IB = Istana Budaya. THE best you can do over here, I guess. We'll have to consider logistics, communication and refreshments, and time + compensation, before we can even go on to the cost of actually getting the area and staging the performance. Truth be told, I haven't staged a performance before either but I fairly know how it goes. I guess.
Il y a 6 heures ·

wah. Istana Budaya? Gonna need some serious funding, man.
Il y a 5 heures ·

Wow thats awesome..=) Im usually with the klpac but istana budaya is also great!=)
Il y a 3 heures ·

troisnyx : I know I'm planning for something huge, something immense. Indeed, it's gonna need funding. And rehearsals alone will probably mean the estimated time of preparation could easily reach two years. It's like filming for a movie. Almost. And I'm reserving the hopes of being able to start internationally, rather than here - because then recognition will be given quicker, if not instantly. Naysayers have told me that at the end of my professional degrees/masters my perception of things will change. Maybe they will, but I don't wanna lose sight of this.
Il y a 56 minutes ·

Wow thats big! =) I am also doing a movie but i need help =pThe script is awesome=)Musicals are fun !
Il y a 55 minutes ·

troisnyx : Indeed. :) I'll be watching my cousin's uni's musical (they're staging Snow White at LimKokWing this Saturday) just to pick a few ideas. Not like I'm going to pick everything, because I set my standards for musicals. Puteri Gunung Ledang is well done. The Phantom of the Opera is classic. So are We Will Rock You and Romeo et Juliette : De la Haine a l'Amour. So I want to make something phenomenal.
Il y a 52 minutes ·

Thats great , the way to start it ..=) Really builds up a great person=) Il y a 51 minutes ·

troisnyx : Okay, a good practice for everyone : whatever musical you might manage to see live or on YouTube, WATCH ! WATCH ! And WATCH ! Because these can bring in ideas ! Different people have different styles of writing them, and I would like everyone to be able to chip in as many ideas as possible.

I know I’m planning this too early but I know that once I have my qualifications in hand, what I dream of will be in my reach. This blog and this entire musical will showcase an aspiration turned reality. Yes, it’ll take years to actually get this show on the road. I can handle composing and writing lyrics alongside doing my LLB and MBA, and after that, come the search for talents, rehearsals and funding. In light of all this, I am realistic ; I know it’s going to take a humungous effort to get myself recognised internationally, let alone get the project running in Istana Budaya.

But I know I dream big. And whatever I aspire, I get it. Back in my National Service I had it in my heart to make Bravo Company win, and to be the best trainee for the session. I did everything that I could in my capability to shine… or rather, to outshine. And so I did. I became the Best Trainee, Bravo became the Best Company. (I’ll be writing the same for Aimée Duchemin’s side of the story.) Aspiring to see a change, or to see dreams turn reality, may take a number of months, to a number of years. It comes with blood, sweat and tears. But I know I’m not giving this up.

CDSN speaks about the horrors and oddities of National Service. Conscription. It speaks about fantastical elements. The defeat of darkness in the hands of light. But more than anything, it talks about the fact that whatever you dream of is actually within your reach. I believe it, even if times don’t seem so good.

I can already envision the success of the CDSN project.

But it’ll only turn real if you stay with me until the end.


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