First things first

I've already got my main idea in mind.

So, first things first. Since this is actually going to take years of preparation and perfection, I'm considering that we start with the songwriting/composing team and the writing team.

Whilst I gather members, this is what I'll do : I'll either share existing drafts (with literal translation) and get us all to fit in English lyrics, or I'll tell the team members about the themes I want to touch in each song, and together we'll pitch in something.

Preliminary recordings will by done in AMR format (i.e. by phone). Once we have a clear idea of how our 20-something songs will go, we have to :

Step 2 : Make a precise outline of the storyline, noting main events and smaller events.

Step 3 : Draft character personalities and etymology. This will determine the lines they speak in the musical.

Step 4 : Determine the setting.

Step 5 : Write the voice parts for curtain calls. This, I shall do. Once done, I shall scan them and share them with the team members.

Once the literary bits are over, and I know this will easily take two years, then I will move on to Step 6 : Recruiting musicians, dancers, voices and lots of other people.

So in other words, the core of the story of Le Carnet has to be dealt with first. The foundation must be laid down before I can think of taking the big plunge.


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