The rationale behind the CDSN symbol

And now, *drum roll* unveiling the symbol of the CDSN franchise :
I spent half an hour just getting the colours and swirl positions right on Paint (note again : I DO NOT HAVE PHOTOSHOP) and adding in the text on Microsoft PowerPoint last night, so yeah, it is hard work.

I wanted to start a symbol for the fictional conscription, but different from
the one that we have over here - because the entire story takes place in a fictional location, so let's keep everything fictional. So I came up with this. Looks pretty kindergarten-ish, but there's some significance to it.

The flame can represent a lot of things : heat, a headstrong personality, the raging spirit of youth, the vibrance of today's youth, the light that today's world needs. The flame itself has hues of red, yellow and orange : red generally being the symbol of bravery, yellow of happiness, and orange... (good question !) Since orange is a colour that brings life to a picture, I'd probably say orange reflects on the fact that we're supposed to bring life into the world. We're supposed to dare to be different from the rest.

There are four people in the flame, representing each company (Alpha = red, Bravo = blue, Charlie = yellow and Delta = green). All of them are together and in the flame, signifying how the people of Sauveterre may be different, but the ideal is that they stay together as one.

Why I wanted to create an NS symbol is this : we're bound to use it somehow.

First, as a brand name. It needs an identity.

Second, because back when I was in NS, when it came to designing flags and certain items, many of them incorporated the NS symbol. Since I'm actually incorporating this into the story, I have to bring back this tradition. So all the company flags - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta - will have the CDSN symbol or a modified version of the CDSN symbol, whatever it may be... depending on whether we have a pool of minds creative enough to design four different flags. Hey, for it to actually be successful, we need to !

You're most welcome to leave your feedback here, or come up with a new logo if you can find new significances. Ideas from everyone are always appreciated ! :-)


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