I had hoped for Le Carnet to be a musical, or a game, or both. Preferably both, because on one hand you have eye candy, and on the other you have auditory pleasure. ^_^

I'll decline to name this person for now, but here's what we spoke about. His lines are in red (so I'm implying that any character based on him will be in Alpha) and mine are in blue. A lot of this dialogue has been translated, and here's how it went :

And I dream of rewriting the Carnet du Service National and turning it into a musical or a game (A game would be pure genius ^_^)
I dream big ^_^

an RPG =D

Why sure !
Great minds think alike !
I'm thinking of gameplay much like Final Fantasy X

which is a lot more efficient to make, turn by turn
A bit like FFX, but for the story, it'll be told day after day, like in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
that's logical

but we need events for every single day
something must happen for the next day to begin.

That isn't really a problem, I wrote the story for every single day ! All I need is to change it here and there.
I see
And there's something shocking every day. X_X
shocking in what sense ?
Shocking as in, Oh no, if I were in his place or her place I'd get out of this freakin' camp
oh okay
I haven't taken care of the battle system, but I've got lots of mini-games.

Especially the (M16) gun course ! ^_^
(Yes I used one.)
which console are you planning to release this on ?
PS3 or more advanced, depending on the year of release.
for the gun course, it depends on how you want it organised.

It could be moving targets,
some of which we can't touch, or something like that
everything in FPS mode.

Hm. That's not a bad idea ! :D
So what did I have ? The gun course, the raft race (which I lost :P),
A week of survival in the middle of the forest (which was cancelled),
and then...
The flying fox, where we were suspended from a height of 12m

flying wha-- ? ^o) (Author's note : He wrote renard volant, which is a literal translation of flying fox.)

If I've gotta turn that into a mini-game I'm gonna make it such that we just fly down from 12m... and avoid obstacles. Hitting one brings your HP down.
This one :
I see

Thing is that I've got too many ideas but I don't even know where to start ^_^
that thing's still dangerous, I mean, imagine, you're not even grasping on to that thing

It was a bit different for us in that we had safety jackets, helmets and harnesses strapped onto our bodies.
It's12m ! If they had not given us any safety jackets I'd have created a fuss ! :P

Okay. For the battles, I've no idea, only that the final boss and the main antagonist is the Ankoù I spoke about.

Ankoù could leave monsters behind him, after passing. I don't know...

I still have to think of what this Ankoù is gonna do.
Then, the characters.

They're separated by company, and there are four companies - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.
Each company has a group of trainers.

and the main character is in which company ?
why yes

there could be duels between companies
Oh yeah ^_^
The rivals of Bravo are Charlie. Or at least, that was my case.
And I wouldn't wanna do anything to hurt Alpha. :P

obviously, since Alpha is one of my usernames o))

Definitely =)
So let's follow this order : red-blue-yellow-green. These are the companies' colours.
And then the setting. I'm not sure how to explain it all even if I know the camp by heart.
Phew, was that too much for one day ? o.O

well in any case, we can't have the level design follow the exact same model as Camp Miri.
gotta exaggerate it a little

But how are we gonna exaggerate the camp, which is already next to nothing ?

It all depends on how you want it to appear.

Okay. Lowdown coming
Entrance -- Open space/tarred terrain. Where people hang out, and where marching/drill practice takes place.

Ya gotta tell me how you want it to look like.


barren and stuff ?
Dining Hall... huge space with 16 tables, separated by gender. Four tables for each company. So everyone gets squished.
Zinc roof on top of that.
Main hall... (I think you might've seen that, if you've seen the singing vid)
Plain cement floor, plastic chairs, stage. Audiovisual equipment room on the right, control room on the left.

you should make the equipment old
Yep, it really IS old. :P
and hardly working

Then the classrooms.

flickering lightbulbs

Or lights which just go off and don't work at all !
For the classrooms
Eight blocks, each separated by a partition. Everyone sits on the floor. There's a small whiteboard at the front. Papers and magic pens distributed freely :P
Straight ahead is a really small lake, where the water sports take place (and the raft race)
And further down is the forest.

lake filled with frogs
or pollution
and big black forest ?

Pollution would be the exact word. The lake is brown !
hey, good call for monsters
Forest is green, but very VERY dense. And thorny.
and lake mutants =D

And Ankou !
The lake is where the final battle takes place.
And back to the classrooms...
To the left is the boys' dormitory, and to the right, the girls' dorms.
Oh, and behind the lake
Is where the Flying Fox is.
12m platform and 3m platform connected by cables.
For the dorms : Each company has two blocks (zinc roof, spoilt cement floors, really thin beds, small closets) and two bath blocks (two tubs in the middle, basins, and showers at the back - COLD WATER -__-)
In the middle of each dorm is an open space where everyone gathers.
And at the back is the forest, again.
So there you go. That's Camp Miri to you.

So there you have it - our rant. We managed to cover mini-games, basic concept of character division, and the setting. To put it all in a nutshell :

+ Ankou is the principal antagonist and the final enemy in Le Carnet du Service National. I'm not sure what his role in the story will be, but he will be a very vicious enemy. I came up with Ankou after two things that pressed me :

first off, the concept of a supernatural enemy, which came about after I watched Arundhati. The antagonist in the movie, Pasupathi, was awakened after eighty long years (I think), after someone woke him up in a trance. This prompted me to have a supernatural enemy as the principal enemy in Le Carnet du Service National. I nicknamed the enemy Maléfique, but I knew I couldn't use this name for long, because that name is the French equivalent of the English name "Maleficent". For my inability to find another name, I stayed with that name.

and secondly, the name Ankou. The Breton spelling uses a grave accent at the U. It's the personification of death in Breton mythology (referred to as an Ankoù). The best picture of him would be this (since WP doesn't give much of a good picture) - skeletal face and body, long grey or blond hair, a scythe with the blade in reverse. Ankou is said to draw a chariot with the souls of the dead. You know what prompted me to use Ankou ? The person whom I spoke to in the above dialogue used the name Ankou ! ^_^

+ The original M16 gun course involved target practice, but there's no point in putting a target practice into the game.

+ The flying fox is a sort of obstacle course, where you are supposed to perhaps collect stuff, and avoid obstacles. Hitting an obstacle reduces your hit points (HP), or health.

+ There are duels between companies, and among them include :

hand-to-hand combat,

naval battles as those in the Suikoden series - it'd be a good call, as the place will be based on Miri, which is a coastal town ;

the single story-based battles.

+ Duchemin and several other characters are from Bravo. I'll have to put up Duchemin's story for each day so that you'll understand the flow.

+ The setting, look and feel of the camp will be exaggerated.

I can't wait to see what'll become of it ! ^_^ I'm so excited !


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