Remembrance (or, Messages from Norin and Lue)


Translation :

To : Annette

When you go back, please don't forget me. Remember me always...
Don't forget us. You're my very first friend of Indian origin. I'll remember you.
Annette, do take care of yourself when you get home.


To : Annette

Annette, when you get back, don't forget me, okay ? Keep our memories in National Service* fresh. Hehe... I'll remember you always.
When you get home, do remember us, your friends in Sarawak.

From Lue Yen Houng
Your classmate (PK1)

Leave your trace here, please

Yes, Lue, Norin, if you ever read this post, be sure that you're always in my heart, and I won't forget you. Or, even if I do, you're only forgotten, but never lost.

I still remember each and every day in National Service vividly. And I thank you for becoming part of my wonderful story. I'll be sure to wish you both a blessed Christmas... let's hope I don't forget.


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