Today is AIDS Awareness Day.


Quite a lot of us turned up in red to show our support for the event. The college folks were distributing red ribbons and badges for the event. Even condoms too !

So anyway, I made this as a campaign poster for AIDS Awareness Day (click on image to enlarge).

I was the photographer - and the one being photographed. For BAC students : in case you're unaware of where this was taken, I took this on the ground floor staircase next to a plank of wood, which actually served as a really good backdrop for a stunning shot. Again, this is one of my PowerPoint works.

There's a simple reason why I didn't take the face shot, but rather, the chest : I stuck the red ribbon on the left side of my chest, pointing to the heart. And I used the words You love her ? referring to women in general. It wouldn't do justice if I were to take the face shot, because that'd only bias the poster to one person - me. And the spotlight isn't me. The spotlight is the woman of the reader's choice. I wanted to emphasise on the red ribbon, the woman's heart, the colour red in general.

I'm yet to make one for the men, and one for the kids.

Tell me what you think !


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