Feedback please !

In two days, the new intake for Malaysian National Service begins. I guess these people are bloody lucky, because Group 1 of most National Service batches features school leavers, and they'd obviously be a more tolerable group than the one I was in.

Anyway, I've got a favour to ask of all readers.

Now, my bid doesn't just go out to Malaysians. My bid goes to all people of the world who have been selected for conscription at any point in their lives.

If you have been for any form of conscription or compulsory service, tell us ! We'd like to hear your stories. If there are just too many stories, you can put them into a blog tag, just like I did for the National Service  Journal. And who knows - parts of your stories, or even your thoughts about conscription, might inspire, or even go into the final product/performance ! ^_^

So there are two ways in which you can get to us :

1. Hit us on the shoutbox. You can find that in the "Feedback please !" section. Link to your posts/categories from there, and we'll be sure to link you back.

2. E-mail the author.

Hope to hear from you soon !


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