Personal thoughts on some of the characters I'm planning to create

Almost all the characters are heavily based on real-life figures whom I met back in Camp Miri, albeit with a few differences. I shall decline to name the actual people, but I shall just describe the personalities I chose for each character.

Alyzée Toulalan
The person behind this one often said hi to me and cheered me on a lot, even if she was from Alpha Company. I called her "
Alizée" after one of my favourite French pop singers, after I discovered that one of her nicknames almost bore the same spelling. Ever since then, everyone knew whom I was referring to whenever I said "Alizée". However, when it came to the banner competition, or anything that involved a war of the minds between the Alpha Company trainer and me, she'd support her trainer. I remember the hour immediately after Bravo 1 & 2 had sent in the winning entry, and everyone had to pin the banners up on the wall - she was ever so confident that Alpha would win, because she kept on saying that they had things we didn't. But we won anyway.

True to her company colour, she looks stunning in red. And she did look like Alizée at one point in time : straight hair coming almost to the shoulders, but in an awkward cut (like on the album cover for Psychédélices).

Senior Hayden
The person behind him is the Alpha Company trainer who had a "war of the minds" with me. Where I couldn't take part, he made use of every opportunity possible and made Alpha win. Where I could take part, I was sure to crush his half once and for all. He always has a smug look every time Alpha wins a certain competition... perhaps he knows that I'll retaliate. Perhaps he wants me to retaliate.

He knows that I have a profound interest in the arts, and that I know how to spread the love to everyone. And he's ever so determined to undermine my ability. (He failed, ultimately.) I won't call him an antagonist, but perhaps a neutral character with a great tendency to go against the main character. On the day of the banner competition, the bystanders, and even the other participants, knew that this wasn't a war between trainees. This was a war between a trainer and a trainee.

As a Character Building trainer, he is good. Seriously. He knows how to encourage his students to go to greater heights, and he even helped me get rid of my fear at the beginning of the class module.

He's also one of the photographers for the session, and he takes stunning shots. But not as stunning as a person whom I'm bound to create, soon...

Dyane Lalique
I modelled this character after my company commander (female division), whom I called Dyane (her first name's pretty close to that). Anyway. It all started when I was temporarily promoted to Head Girl, and I needed someone to take my place. So I picked Dyane, seeing her as one of the most reliable people around. And indeed, she was.

As commander, she means business : she hardly speaks, she is silent, but whenever she speaks, she gives controversial insight over a variety of subjects. You can either love her or hate her. I loved her. ^_^ We all refer to her as "Mummy", even though she is the second smallest member of the company - because she looks out for us like a mother only would. She is determind to take out anyone who crosses her path, even if it is by violence.

Towards the end of the story, she calls herself "only a commander in name".

Senior Ref
I created Senior Ref based on one of my favourite trainers, who bore the same nickname. The only difference I'm going to make is a slight change in physical appearance : she's going to have red hair, in big locks (not dreadlocks, mind you ; just normal curls). (French-speakers, I'm sure you know who will fall for this role !)

She is the first trainer I see, on the first day, when she checks my bag, greets me, assigns me to Bravo Company and sends me off to meet new friends. But I only start getting to know her in the middle of the Nationalism Module, when Bravo 1 & 2 combine (she is assigned to Bravo 2). We get closer on the day when an Education Fair is held in the training camp, and when everyone is busy checking out the opportunities, I feel dejected because I don't have anything to look forward to, and so I speak to her. There, she and I discuss the negative traits of our society : we are fearful and ignorant. It is there that she understands my point of view on National Service, and she begins to embrace it too. But she tells me, "I've been sent here. There's a high chance of them keeping it going. All I can do is teach them from the heart. If they're not ready to accept my methods, I am ready to be sacked from the Teachers' Guild."

She also has a creative streak. She's a musician (a guitarist in particular, and I once told her that if we ever meet again, I'd like to jam with her) ^^, has an eye for visual art and stage decoration (she helped us with the class banner !), she choreographs (small-scale stuff, but it still qualifies). And she is most loved by any trainee in the camp - even those of other companies. She gets star treatment : whenever she comes into the camp and lets her hair down, everyone goes gaga and crowds round her bicycle to meet her.

Sylvain Dieudonné
I guess this is a totally original character, because I haven't met a single person with his model back when I was undergoing my stint.

His last name means "God-given", but he himself isn't sure of the existence of a greater being. He is at loggerheads with Duchemin for a variety of reasons, and the tension comes to a climax when Patriots' Night approaches and the trainers are looking for someone to provide the rhythm for a dance (which I'll simply term danse profane for now). Duchemin wants to beat the drums so much, and Dieudonné... well, he is highly confident of himself, and he even tells Duchemin that she can't stand a change. So the day comes when the two are summoned by the trainers, and both of them are assigned to pound the same rhythm on the drum, simultaneously. Dieudonné finally meets his match, but Duchemin does not outdo him. When both of them are picked to accompany the danse profane, Dieudonné finally loses all traces of enmity against Duchemin and starts respecting her.

So from that day on, Dieudonné starts joining Duchemin's circle of friends, and is destined to be with her in all future stories. He starts accepting Duchemin's train of thought, but I shall not reveal to what extent he does so.

Beneath his boisterous, brash exterior lies a caring, patient and protective person.

Tatienne Delacroix
She's based on one of the many friends from the close-knit Delta Company, who supported me right till the end. She has great strength of character and is ready to do things her way, when asked to do so. So imagine this : the haze comes, we're all hot, and my hair's in a mess. She gives me a new hairdo (which later turns out to be a bad hairdo :P) and she makes me up for the weekend !

She is physically powerful, winning all the races and almost all the sports tournaments, a total contrast to me, and I initially envy her. But then she turns round and tells me that she envies me sometimes - which makes me realise how much my self worth really is. She is also one of the more prayerful people, always looking for divine intervention.

Jules Chereque
She's based on one of the few people from Charlie Company who supports me. I call her Jules. Anyway. Because the Head Girl is from Charlie, there is sort of a rift between Charlie and Bravo. Furthermore, Charlie's company commander (Female Division) always schemes against me and has managed to get a few people to rebel against the natural order of things. Jules is the sort of silent supporter, who supports when you least expect it. And she's willing to comfort you immediately after tension between you and a few other people have occurred.

She dances well, too. She helped me put up a great show for the Integration Day performance.

More characters and thoughts to come soon.


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