The text reads "The presentation of the song Audace, from the collection Le Carnet du Service National at the Alliance Française of Kuala Lumpur. I hope to be there one day, on stage ! =)"

Now, in a time where introductions are done on a large scale, and if at all I have to return home for press conferences, possibly the best place to hold one such press conference is in the Alliance Française in KL. I can somehow see it... The idea came to my head after my visit to the Alliance on Friday for a film screening. Prior to the film screening, I inspected the hall. I began to imagine cheering fans, familiar faces, polystyrene stars with silver glitter dust brushed upon them, spotlights, familiar songs. An event where only a select number of people can come in. (Well, of course, because the hall is quite small...)

I hope that one day, Le Carnet will be a reality. ^_^


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