We weren't allowed to take pictures in Caring Old Folks' Home, so we were only limited to one picture of me, Vanitha and the rest of the residents - specifically for the project. (And I was not allowed to even keep that copy !)

So seeing that we only spent some 40 minutes in the home, we decided to go browse the Kajang area. Now Kajang, for the uninitiated, is famous for its satay. Yep, the yummy meat on skewers. And more often than not, it's served with peanut sauce. I had often hankered after satay and peanut sauce, but I hadn't tried it in Kajang, the "home of satay". So we went around. They actually had a gallery for all the different variants of satay ! - but we didn't go check it out.

We checked the eatery near that place, though - and here are some pics I took.

Uncle Lan (black shirt) and Vanitha (blue shirt) in the vicinity of the food court. Almost all the stalls inside are satay stalls. Almost everything about the area is good, the place is clean... except for the deco (now who would pair mustard yellow walls together with green lamp shades ???).

One section of the food court was closed...

Outside the food court is a glass display with a lot of old satay-making stuff. But what caught my eye the most was this replica of... satay !

The stall where we got our satay from : Sate Kajang Hj Shafie.
That sums up our visit to Kajang. Immediately after getting the satay we went home......


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