What happened over the past week

I can't write much. I'm exhausted, to say the least.

But I'll give you a nutshell of what happened.

Thursday marked the end of our Public Law syllabus, and Friday the end of our Contract syllabus. There'll be no more Contract lectures until further notice is given. So next week, my timetable's in limbo. Saturday morning was our Legal Skills class and we had to do case briefs. And yadda yadda yadda... I get the drive to go to college 1) because of the lecturers, at least, for the most part, 2) because of my friends. ^_^

And gaaaah, I'm gonna miss having classes with Ms Meera. -___-

Studies aside...

Wednesday, I was out with Vanitha on a trip to Caring Old Folks Home in Kajang for a community project of sorts. The trip was okay, only that it lasted 45 minutes. Our main purpose was to study the well-being of the elderly in nursing homes, and to put to the test the presumption that older people prefer to age in place, i.e. in their own homes. And from what I see, I somehow believe that the presumption is true. I also believe that the care given by nursing homes is just...... inadequate. So I spent the first half of the day in Kajang, then in Vanitha's place, then went for my Common Law Reasoning class.

Thursday, I met Ms Soleil again, after so long (I'm not sure if you remember Ms Sunbeam, whom I call Soleil, who taught me Literature back in A-Levels...) - and she had an idea for English Week, which we're hoping to hold somewhere in March. Since it's going to be our first time holding this stuff, it's going to be a small affair in our lecture hall, and it's also going to be by invitation... I think. Though that's subject to change. So at the moment I'm looking for Shakespearean quotes and catchy ads, and see what I can make of them. Quite a number of students were told about this - I've gotta make it all come together. And I've gotta tell Suet Wei about this. She'll be pleased ! ^_^

Friday night, I went to Alliance Fran├žaise after so long. However, the familiar faces weren't there. Farita, the exam coordinator, wasn't there. And (obviously) Mme Ricordel wasn't there. I had come there for the screening of a film, Le Bal des Actrices (The Actresses' Ball ; review to be posted once I recover from my fatigue). I met three new friends - Simon, Karen and Miyako. There was dinner, prior to the film, but I decided to keep my stomach empty for a home-cooked dinner later that night. The film began at 8, and... I enjoyed myself immensely.

I'll be posting about these things, one by one, starting with the trip to Kajang, followed by the review, and the English Week. But first, I need to recover... I don't even know whether I'll get everything up on time.


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