Birth By Sleep, Japanese release.

I remember full well that I have to post something about the newly-released Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep over here.

On a side note, whilst the Kingdom Hearts series is fondly referred to as KH, right up till the age of 14 I had to think of KH as something else : Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills, which was a subject for us from Form 1 to Form 3), which I didn't mind, but I hated the thought of having exams. So finally when the PMR was over and I had aced it, I decided to drop the Kemahiran Hidup bit altogether and use KH for Kingdom Hearts.

So anyway. This post is bound to spoil all those who have not yet purchased BBS, but I'd like to showcase the epic fight between
Ventus, one of the main characters of the story, along with the dark side of his own heart, Vanitas.

For those of you who have played Kingdom Hearts II right up to the end, don't Ven's and Vanitas' final attacks look very familiar ? More so if you've watched the Dragon Ball series. For KHII buffs (like me), the attack would remind you of
Sora's and Riku's Apocalypse attack whilst fighting Xemnas. And for those of you who have watched (or read) the episodes with Cell, and the events that led to Son Goku's death, then I'm pretty sure you might be familiar with the conflicting Kamehameha attacks - one from Cell, and one from Son Gohan.

Now that I've spoiled quite an integral part of the story of BBS by showing this battle scene, I don't think I'll post anymore for the time being... unless I get requests. Which is highly unlikely, anyway. :P The English and French releases are bound to be this summer, and I risk not being able to hear the French voices of the characters. Again. Now don't get me started, because once I start posting about this, I won't stop.


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