Bravo Company victory sketch


The entire thing was hand-sketched and coloured with GIMP.
It pretty much sums up the victory stances of the people from Bravo Company when they're declared champions. I based it on our actual victory during my National Service stint, and the day the results were announced, which was somewhere in late September last year.

I plan to use a few, if not all of these poses, for Le Carnet du Service National - they've already got winning smiles on their faces, and it'd be a waste not to put them in.

Clockwise, from top left :
  • Duchemin dancing in joy.
  • Mel and Sakina in cheerleaders' outfits, cheering the company on.
  • Albert raising the company flag as he is hoisted by Maurice.
  • Naufal striking a victory pose.
  • Dyane (purple hair) and Mira (gold hair in plaits) embracing each other.
There you have it. ^_^

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