A possible return to songwriting ?

I know I haven't written lyrics in a long time. I've been working on melodies, no doubt. But now, I've come up with two unconnected lines, both in French :

Nuit de paix

This one means "night of peace" and I know that it's going to be a song for Le Carnet du Service National. In fact, I had already made the melody and I have the draft in my Carnet folder, but yep, that's all the progress for now. The only line I have is this, and I'm really thinking of getting help with the rest of the song. And, I also have :

Car j’étais là

This one means "Because I was there". And I'm not sure what I'm gonna use this for.

Oh dear Lord, please help me... I'll need a miracle to actually write lyrics, and if I'm faltering in English, I'd falter even more in French.


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