angry banhammer mode

Extensive use of Google Translate.
Lying across user pages.
Bad spelling.
Lack of accountability - just posting edit summaries along the lines of "Y'know !".

Call me impatient if you must, but all this is really making me tear my hair apart.

I'm willing to accept first-timers and people who truly want to make an improvement to wiki pages. I've been friendly with many new users, I've even been in my home wiki's Welcoming Committee - so to speak - for quite a few months. But when stuff like this happens, you are drained of all your sanity and the peace, quiet, joy and WikiLove you once knew all melts away.

And why am I hesitating to use my wikibanhammer ? Simple. I'm moved out of pity. I admit that I take quite a long time before I finally put my foot down over something. But I might have mentioned this at some point in time - and a friend even mentioned it to me : compromise isn't good. It's a "necessary" evil. So I stare in awe at the banhammers who actually teach him a lesson. It always happens that way.

But enough of me cowering in fear for anything of this sort, or even IRL*. Where I have to put my foot down, where people are being too overbearing for my liking, I have to curb them before it gets out of hand. I guess having a wikibanhammer in hand is a practice for me... I guess... Because wikiediting is just like real life, where we deal with different people with different tastes from different nationalities and/or ethnicities and different backgrounds, all joining hands for a common interest.

I guess that's one good point about being there. I'm not going to ask if I've done enough. I'm not going to even bat an eyelid where appreciation or banhammering is due. I'm going to act based on guidance.

*IRL = in real life


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