Exasperation over workforce


Yeah, fine, we all have to work one day. Do I look like I'm the least bit bothered ?

Well of course, that owes to the fact that I have several obligations to fulfill.

Yes, when we work, we apparently build up the country's economy. Very often, the emphasis is placed upon ethics, accountability and transparency, especially if you're working in a multinational company. As workers, we apparently make names for ourselves. Okay, to be honest, I'm kinda disillusioned on the whole subject of work. I'll explain why, as I go along.

The economic climate is bound to fluctuate. Booms and recessions are bound to happen ; we can't do anything about them. And it's bound to affect us at some point in time. I, for one, have been a bit of a spendthrift when the economy was down - simply because everything was cheaper. And not to mention the amount of lunches I had in McDonald's. But that's also the time some people are more hesitant to spend. After all, it's their hard-earned money. *rolls eyes*

Now here's the part where I'm really bound to explode.

Seriously, I don't get it when people say that one job is better than the other. Each person has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. So if anyone asks me what the three coolest and un-coolest jobs are, I'd probably yell at him until his hair stands on end. Seriously. What makes an engineer better or worse than an accountant ? What makes a recording artiste better or worse than a lawyer ? (The latter sentence applies to my current state of affairs, of course.) I'm all for jobs which allow me to have my own liberty to work, and to be myself. I'd rather not have an office job, and I'd rather not be stuck in a court of law, for fear that I'd turn out to be like this :


So much for boosting the country's economy.

It's for this reason that I AM EFFING FED UP when someone (especially someone close to home) says that this job is better than the other and expects me to take it up. NO.

And if we're true to ourselves, then ethics and moral work habits would come naturally. I'm pretty sure that is the case for most of us, though work environments ARE DAMN FRUSTRATING. So you can't expect people to be prim and proper all the time, though it's their ideal. All the same, you'd rather have someone who is passionate about his work and comes late, rather than someone who is punctual but does nothing in the office except flirt around with the girls. There are absolute values in the corporate world, like ethical obtention of resources (speaking of which *rolls eyes again*, I wonder how many local companies actually do that),  accountability to shareholders, transparency and whatnot, but some values are more important than others when it comes to choosing workers personally.

I mean, come on ! A person who has the DRIVE to even work in that damned office is no doubt passionate about his work. And how often do we find people with drive ? More often than not we're pressured to get into our respective jobs, and we'd obviously wish ourselves somewhere else ! I, for one, would wish myself to be in a recording studio more than anywhere else on the planet (well, except home, and church, and with my friends, and in front of the computer...) ! We're in a society where people's expectations override our very own expectations, and this trend IS KILLING ME, DAMN IT !

Seriously, guys, you don't usually see me writing in ALL CAPS or rolling eyes in blog posts, but I only do that when I'm really exasperated. And the state of affairs of our workforce is something that I'm truly exasperated over.

Alright. I need a moment to calm down.
À la prochaine – j’espère.


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