Frustration over Web 3.0

When Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW phenomenon, he intended the web to be user-centred, abundant with information, with users themselves contributing to the web. Yes, even though we see Web 1.0-based content from time to time, now everything is within our reach.

A feature which defines Web 2.0 is social networking. Yes, when Google acquired YouTube, and later Blogger, it was a welcome change. But a whole Interweb flooded with social networks, blogs and personal logs ? Hmph, that could easily turn 95% of what we see here into junk, and only 5% of the Net would provide proper information.

The "breakthrough" which some people define as Web 3.0 (the term hasn't even officially existed yet) is FRUSTRATING. Yes, Facebook and Twitter simplified everything for everybody in that there are only two social networks needed to communicate everything to almost everybody in the world, but it seems that everything now is a popularity contest. Instead of the usual star system which we used to have, they've replaced everything with the "Like" button. That trend originated from Facebook, and now it's gone on to *gasp* YouTube as well :

The previous star system enabled us to know how well our videos were faring. Now, how do they even determine our video ratings ? How is it that my Schwarzweiss video obtained five stars when there are four or even five likes ?

And the new developments of social networking have enabled us to give virtual "gifts" to others.Well, perhaps a virtual chocolate fountain once in three months won't do any harm. But some people are searching for those "gifts" everyday for the sake of popularity. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook - WHY, OH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO INFLUENCE EVERY OTHER SITE IN THE WORLD ?

The fake gift-giving trend has spread its tentacles to DeviantArt, currently the most popular art-sharing site on the Net. Where earlier it was simply about having journal features and spreading the love, now, there is the new but rather annoying trend of SHARING LLAMA BADGES. O___O

If you take a close look at the screen, you'll notice that there is a llama badge on the top right corner of my page. Yes, they even have ranks for that llama. Apparently, you start with a llama, and then ten similar badges make a Super Llama, and then there's Albino Llama, Super Albino, and I don't know what other ranks exist. Yes, I can't help but smile and thank the person who sent me a llama - I know he was doing it in good faith, because I'm definitely not popular over the Net, and I usually keep it that way - if people want to follow me, they're most welcome to do so. But I'm irked by the fact that some people are actually BEGGING for llamas, CAMPAIGNING for llamas, as though this entire thing is some sort of popularity contest.

What is the Web 3.0 which some people speak of about, then ? Popularity contests ? Non-transparent rating systems ? Someone, please bring the old layouts back. Give us the old gold !


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