Lots of good news !

First off, Jiminy Cricket becomes the star of the show - literally.
Those of you who have been following Jiminy Cricket's exploits in the Kingdom Hearts series and have been saddened by Eddie Caroll's death would already know that Phil Snyder has been picked to voice Jiminy. So I went to Phil Snyder's site... WHAT ON EARTH IS KINGDOM HEARTS RE:CODED ?

Seems like it's a new title, and a remake of Kingdom Hearts coded, and it's been announced to be on the Nintendo DS ! It'll be screened this E3, and I'd love to see what comes out. But seriously, thank you, Snyder, for spilling it out before Square Enix actually gets to it. :D Now, the original coded does have Jiminy as one of the starring characters, because it's all about the journal which he writes throughout the series, and how it has been plagued with bugs. Now, there's only one character who can resolve all the problems and bring everything connected to him back to life : Sora, the protagonist of the entire series.

Secondly, a new cover.
This is the first English cover in my series of works. Again, the quality's terrible but here it is :

I also worked on two versions of the wallpaper which has been featured in the video. The one in the video is the final version. Well, it features (from top, clockwise) : Ziggy, Stephanie, Pixel and Stingy of Lazy Town. Because the actual video of We Will Be Friends features a night skyline, I decided to go ahead with the night skyline.

First version. I scanned it directly from a hand sketch and coloured it on GIMP. Note the absence of the stars.

Final version. Note that I hardlighted white stars and glitter dust, and added the silver and gold ones on PowerPoint. I created the silver and gold ones some time ago - framed on Powerpoint, coloured with GIMP. As for the slightly darker sky, I brushed on a bit of black, just for teh lulz.
The upload can also be found here.

Now, about the cover. I admit I went a little overboard with those high vocals. It's all phone recorded, as always, and even the music was phone-recorded. I accompanied myself on the piano. I admit that I'm quite proud of it, but I know it can be made a lot better... and I'm waiting for the right moment to get a proper MP3 recording tool.

I also realise that I have been producing covers like a factory would. : ) I'm grateful to the Lord that I have managed to produce them, and for the supporters... Let whatever I sing be sung in love.


Joshua at: June 15, 2010 at 4:55 AM said...

I liked this one. :) I liked the keyboard in it. I liked how you harmonized with yourself. That's a fond pleasure of mine. :) I once did this monk-y type chanting thing that freaked the cat out when I played it back. She looked at me not singing, looked the the speakers, looked at me, looked at the speakers... I enjoyed it, anyway. :P Also play this game with the rare few that will play with me where I voice a note and they match it and we hold it as long as we can. My sister's pretty good for it. I tried it with my buddy Brian on a long drive, once, to try and help him keep focused, but he wasn't very good at it. Then again, I don't think he got the point of the game. :P

I'd like to hear something of yours without all the other voices. Something with longer notes so I can better grasp the tone of your voice.

And, yes, your covers are quite nice. :)

troisnyx* at: June 15, 2010 at 5:09 AM said...

Freaking the cat out ? That sounds like an idea... >:D

You wanna hear something without the other voices as in... me singing alone ?

Joshua at: June 16, 2010 at 1:25 AM said...

Actually, for some reason, I'm having a little difficulty saying what I'm thinking. :P

Something with less going on. Something without forced vibration on your voice's part, and with longer notes.

...Yeah, I guess that sums it up. :)

Maybe you've already did such a thing. I've only watched three of your recordings so far.

troisnyx* at: June 16, 2010 at 1:53 AM said...

Maybe, though I'm not sure.
The first ever cover I made, Drôle de Creepie, is my favourite. Ever. ^_^

Joshua at: June 17, 2010 at 3:02 AM said...

Drôle de Creepie, is my favourite. Ever.

Creepy Drool. Something about werewolves or zombies or something. I'll go watch it (with my ears...). :P

Hmm. The girl is a little creepy, what with her black dress and novelty shaped spider yo-yo. :P

Haha. That song was pretty fun. :) You seem to have a pretty voice, Annette. I'd still like to hear it once in a more solo fashion, though. :)

troisnyx* at: June 17, 2010 at 11:51 AM said...

Drôle gives the English equivalent droll, apparently... Wonder what that'd mean in much simpler English :P And yes, the girl's name is Creepie.

I'm glad you liked it ! ^_^

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