Oh comme le ciel nocturne est éclairé de mille feux !


I doubt you'd ever be able to see anything in this pic, because 1) it's night-time, 2) this camera is just too blur. But I took it anyway, because for those of you who live in KL or Seremban and have come across the record-breaking enormous chair in MEI Furniture Plaza in Desa Petaling, I've got a piece of news.

Yesterday, at 9-something, I heard glass falling down and being smashed. I was scared. I initially thought that people in the pubs downstairs were fighting using glass bottles... until I saw this.

And because the picture isn't clear, I'll tell you what it is : the first two shops in MEI Furniture Plaza up in flames.

I was terrified. Disturbed, to say the least. I was on Kingdom Hearts Wiki's IRC when I saw the flames, and I rushed to the bedroom to notify dad and Rin about the fire. Rin grabbed her VCR and filmed the entire footage from start to end... that is, until the entire shop caught fire at about 10-something. In the meantime, we called the fire fighters - but at the initial stages they couldn't do anything. There was just too little water for too much fire.

And I could feel the heat even up at the 14th floor.

I'm pretty sure the people of Desa Petaling were rocked by this incident. I was disturbed. I couldn't help thinking of the fire in the middle of the night, though I shook that thought off later on. The fire was already put out by midnight, but the fire fighters and reporters were still there at the site of the incident. And they are still there... probably to give the reporters the scoop on what had happened.

Now, I believe that it was caused due to a short circuit - as happens when too many things get plugged in at the same time. But regardless of the cause, right now, the entire shop is destroyed. I doubt anyone was hurt, though, as it was way past working hours when the fire started.

I bet it's gonna appear in today's headlines, but I'm at an advantage, I suppose : I saw the entire fire with my own eyes.

Oh, and you know what's funny ?

MEI Furniture Plaza has this really huge chair at the entrance. It's so enormous, it made a mark in the Malaysia Book of Records. From where I live, the chair is facing the road so I can't see it directly. But if I'm right, then the ginormous chair is the only thing not to be destroyed. :D

Pff. Enough talk about the fire.

For those of you who are reading The Star today, it's on N26. I doubt it'd be on The Star Online, since the fire only happened yesterday night.

EDIT : The scoop can be found here (without pictures). Article courtesy of The Star Online.


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