Two new covers !


First, the French version of Reflection taken from the film Mulan.

Now I admit that I wept through the recording of this vid... and now when I look back, I dreamt it'd happen. I wrote this in the description section :

I admit I cried during the recording of this cover ; what with Asian families stressing on honour rather than unconditional love ? The same thing happens here, and whatever "choices" people close to home make for us are claimed to be done "for our own good", when in actual fact, they don't benefit us at all. I'm going through that situation now, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Many people over this region can relate to this situation. We want to show who we are inside, we want to show how passionate we are about our field of choice, and yet, because our own society and our own people don't accept us, we are forced to leave for a land far, far away and attempt to make a name for ourselves, to grapple in the dark searching for a light. Some have it even worse than we do : once they've disgraced their families, they are forced to commit suicide in order to restore the family's balance. I'm thankful to the Lord this doesn't happen here, but all the same, I want to reach out to these afflicted people... and I don't know if they'll ever hear this cover in time.

I'm sure all of us would want the mirror to reflect the people we are, deep inside.

I believe that should explain all the crying...

The second is another Alizée cover. Chronologically, this is the first. I did J'en Ai Marre (I'm Fed Up) before recording L'Alizé. Yet, I didn't dare put it up. I put up L'Alizé first, then this one.

Again, I need your feedback on this thing.

P.S. One more cover and I'll have made ten ! Praise the Lord ! ^_^


Joshua at: June 20, 2010 at 12:12 AM said...

Wild. I'm usually pretty good with remembering a melody, but that Mulan song does not ring a bell at all. In fact...the only piece of music memorable to me was that serious bit near the beginning when she was sitting under the statue in the rain. And Eddie Murphy did the voice of the dragon. It was an okay movie, but The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast it was not. :P

In other news, I believe you fulfilled my request. :P Hahaha. You have a sweet singing voice, Annette.

I didn't notice the crying, though.

troisnyx* at: June 20, 2010 at 2:16 AM said...

Thaaaaaaaanks. Well, I guess it's okay if you didn't notice the crying...

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