The finished drawing ^_^


Presenting Batterie Stellaire.
A work which began on the 5th of July.

This is my first time actually playing with such effects, and praise the Lord ! It all turned out well ! This is also the first time I ever thought of creating a room-like picture.

The post just before this should give you an insight into the creation of the pic, and even what I listened to, whilst colouring.

So this is what I did, step by step :

1) After sketching what's supposed to be me behind a drum kit, I scanned the pic and saved it as PNG.

2) On GIMP, I opened the pic and selected Layer, Transparency, Colour to Alpha so that the entire thing would be transparent. Transparent images are easy to colour.

3) Colouring each portion of the image follows a few similar steps :
+ First, select the Brush tool, select Hard Light and Circle Fuzzy (19). Resize it accordingly, and then colour the outlines so that they'll blend in when you colour the rest of the image later.
+ Hit Pick Colour, then select the darkest region in your hardlighted outline. So for instance, the cymbals. I hardlighted it with an off-yellow tone, but the darkest region is a sort of bronze colour. So I pick that.
+ On the Brush tool, select Behind. Then start with the dark colours first, then go on to the lighter ones.
+ Once that's done, smudge what you just did. Click the Smudge tool (it should look like a hand). Smudge the region until the colours are smooth, but be careful not to smudge other areas !
+ Click the black/white icon on your two-colour palette to return the colours to black and white.
+ On the Brush tool, select Soft Light. Black soft light should be used for darker regions, and white soft light for lighter regions.
+ Then, on the Brush tool again, select Hard Light (if necessary, if the area you're colouring is a hard metallic surface), and make sure your foreground is white. Then splash it accordingly !
+ Soft light can also be used for textures. Those dark/light spots and lines on the drums and on "my" shirt are a result of softlighting in black and white.

4) Once the entire thing was done, I softlighted the picture. The bottom half was given a blue light, and the top half was white-yellow. Note that here, the background is still transparent. Image saved.

5) On GIMP, I opened another file... about 1024x768 in size, and I did the same thing as before : Layer, Transparency, Colour to Alpha.

6) On the Brush tool, I used the same brushes as before (mode : Behind), but the transparency is now at 70-something %. I splashed a few blues. Then, I brought back the transparency to 100% and coloured the entire image over, black. Softlighting/hardlighting is optional, but smudging is necessary. So what I get here is the basic wall. Image saved.

7) On the same pic, I used another brush... it was a glitter one... I hardlighted it on the basic wall. Image saved.

8) I opened PowerPoint, copied the Starry Wall and added my preset yellow/white stars. The glow was also added on PowerPoint. Image saved as GIF.

9) Now with three walls, I gathered all the images in this order on PowerPoint : Basic Wall, Starry Wall #2, Starry Wall, Sketch. The "walls" were rotated accordingly so as to give the impression of a room. Images grouped and saved as one.

10) I opened that image on GIMP and added the finishing touches : black/white soft lights, glitter, sparkles and a beam of white light.

And tada !

So do tell me what you think !

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