What's cooking, you ask ?

This !

This is only half of the sketch. The person behind the drums is supposedly me, though it doesn't look half like me. I did the entire drum kit too. But I can only colour a few things at a time.

Regardless, I know my hands are being guided, when I'm colouring.
In truth, this is my first time doing creases on a shirt, as well as colouring cymbals. It's unimaginable, how everything turned out beautifully ! Praise the Lord ! I'm especially proud of the hi-hat (well, can't give a full preview for now, but from that angle, it's a perfect circle).

So here's how it goes : I have to hardlight every item with the item's colour and then add in a few shades. And when the bulk of the work is done, I have to softlight/hardlight the item. Now soft light is just a small glow, whilst hard light is that... zigzag thing you see on the cymbals. That is hard light.

And once the whole thing is done, I have to softlight the entire thing in blue, because as the tentative title of this work (Batterie Stellaire) suggests, the background is going to involve a starry-sky-kinda-thing.

The actual name, which I'm thinking of right now, is Spectacle Stellaire (I think you can figure that out for yourselves). And to keep with the theme, I'm listening to this while colouring the picture :

Yay for Kingdom Hearts original soundtrack.
I only have an idea of the final result in mind, and that's all I have for now. The rest takes divine guidance.


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