A beautiful day... not.


The song covered this time is "C’est une belle journée" (lit. It's a beautiful day) by Mylène Farmer.

The song references sleep, and at the same time, death.

What I don't agree with, however, despite having covered the song myself, is the fact that in the song, the person rejects the feelings of love and peace and wants to "bite eternity as deep as possible".

Now, death is a change of address. We don't understand it. I've lost several people in my life, including my mom and my siblings. It should be an epilogue to a life well lived, in the fullness of the Lord's love. C’est une belle journée references the worldly view of death, which is often seen as an easy way out of trials. Just as I toiled to do this cover (or at least, to put it together), we all have to toil through life. And most of all, we have to take up our crosses every day.

It's a beautiful day. Lift high the cross.
If only my French was poetic enough for me to play with the lyrics.


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