Angel ?

[22:32] TNE didnt tell us she was an angel...
[22:32] Angel ?
[22:33] Well... you can't bring yourself to hate someone... Sounds like angelic behaviour to me
[22:33] And then there is the singing....
[22:34] Question: How bright is your Halo?
[22:34] In truth, I never saw myself as such.
[22:34] If ever I have a halo, it's His halo, not mine.
[22:34] Because this is what I do, every day, every night :
[22:35] I ask, "Help me to love as You love, unconditionally..." while I'm aware of what that means.
[22:36] So even when I least feel like it, I remind myself of that prayer I make.
Lord, this is my prayer tonight. Please help me to love as you love, unconditionally, no matter who deals with me. I thank you for your love and I love you. <3


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