I paid a visit to my high school today.
It's Convent Bukit Nanas by the way, and I was from the class of 2007.

I actually went there to get my SPM* certificate - not the result slip, nor is it the one issued by the school. It's the certificate proper, issued by the Ministry of Education. Which I simply call Kementerian (Malay for "ministry").

I saw many familiar faces... my principal, Mrs Ann Khoo, several other teachers - Puan Maryati, Puan Norizan, Mr Hoo (no pun intended), Mrs Raj, Ms Waan and a few others. It was just wonderful to see them again. I remembered every nook and cranny of my school - but the areas I visited were the hall (now known as the Unity Hall), the teachers' rooms, the office and the aisle next to the Form 5 classes. Then when I saw Ms Waan, I stopped by 5A. The Form 5 batch of 2010 is the youngest batch to get to know me. I know it's Petra's batch...

Regardless. I spent a light moment with them, considering this was their Accounts class, and I told them about studies, National Service... lots of stuff. And it was just wonderful to be with them once again.

I remember Puan Norizan was actually asking me why my nails were coloured in blue, white and red. I did them up for le 14 juillet (which was two days ago) and I told her I'm a France supporter, even if they lost big time in the World Cup. (What were you guys expecting anyway ?) I told all my teachers why I was there... and the first thing they commented on was my figure. Apparently, I had lost weight from the last time they saw me. Oh well, all the marching under the hot sun during National Service last year.... -____-

Just before leaving the school compound I stopped by the Unity Hall. I heard my school choir - Ressonnant - warming up. I took a close look at them to see if there were any familiar faces, but no, there weren't. I doubt they'd ever know I was the one who named the choir Ressonnant anyway.

It's wonderful to see them all over again, and I'm glad I caught them at this time. Perhaps in two years' time, I'll be paying a visit to CBN, but a few of the faces will have disappeared from the scene, either because they will have retired, or they will have been transferred. Regardless, I'm honoured to be back, and I must speak about my adventures when I see them once again.

*The examination for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia which was formerly conducted by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia is being conducted as of 1978 by the Examinations Syndicate, Malaysia. The Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, whilst ceasing to be responsible for the examination in and after 1978, will continue to advise the Examinations Syndicate, Malaysia on standards. The minimum standard for a pass-with-credit in a subject of the examination for the SPM continues to be similar to the standards of Credit Grade in the corresponding subject in the former GCE at Ordinary Level, and at Grade C of the present GCSE in the United Kingdom.


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