Was ki ra chs hymmnos mea...


The first of my original works, with input from Sonwe Ruolmi of A Reyvateil's Melody, which is part of Project Hymmnos. Lyrics and translation can be found on the vid proper.

Now, let me put it on record that I have almost zero experience of the Ar Tonelico games, except for a few cutscenes and lots of Hymns, and all my knowledge of Ar Tonelico has been imparted to me by my friends.

You might be wondering why I'm singing something like this.

It all started on Sunday, when I missed Holy Mass, and I missed the Eucharist for three straight weeks over circumstances I couldn't avoid. I felt so hopeless, so sad, that I broke down in the midst of my prayers. But I knew the Lord was there. I knew there was something greater to this whole thing.

I wanted to keep on hoping. I wanted to forgive the people who had hurt me in the past and those who are hurting me even now. I wanted this song to be a reflection of my stance - that everything must be done in that great love, by which I exist. And in order to do that, I must love unconditionally, I must sing praise even in times when I'm sad.

So then came the idea of writing this. I wrote the emotions in English, so that's exactly what you see in the vid. Sonwe helped me translate it to Hymmnos, and since I have a grasp of the pronunciation, I sang it and played the accompaniment.

Let this be a reminder for me to sing praise, to hope, even when I'm broken and desolate.


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