25 Things

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. People say that I am for the love, and let it be. My purpose is to love others without fail, to give even when it hurts. This I shall do.

2. My talking speed is rather fast. Irrespective of what the situation may be, irrespective of the language used.

3. I am in the midst of developing a series, Les Histoires Duchemin.

4. I don't mind singing and/or making music in front of people, but if I know they're out to get me, or if at some point in time they've pejoratively spoken about people like me, I hesitate to play in front of them.

5. I have minor scoliosis. For the uninitiated, it means my spine is slightly curved to the side.

6. I have a very vivid imagination. I can see whole scenes and choreography playing in my head (as in the case of EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/.).

7. I am very shy around others because I don't know how to explain the things I love doing. This especially applies when I wanna speak about my passion for drums.

8. I used to talk to myself a lot (thinking out aloud). Some people did indeed think I was bonkers.

9. I was the oddest person in the class back in high school and in A-Levels. I didn't really have anyone to click with.

10. I am able to draw, imagine myself playing drums and listen to the lecturer in class at the same time. This has really happened in my first year of LLB - I was able to answer the lecturer's questions. But I must do less of this...

11. I have an incessant urge to beat on stuff. I began having this passion for drums when I was just three years old. Mom was the one who introduced rhythm to me. If I were to assume there were "primitive" and "evolved" drummers, I'd fall into the "primitive" category for two reasons : 1) I've a long way to go, 2) I somehow get moved even by simple rhythms. Yet, the strange thing is that I imagine myself drumming... in a dress. ^_^
12. People call me a tech geek - not because of anything else except the way I use Microsoft Office programmes. Well, it happened to me in National Service.
13. I eat little, but I eat frequently. I skip lunch often, though I grab a sandwich in the middle of it all. And it doesn't matter if it's just plain bread-and-butter. I eat anyway.
14. It's difficult for me to get bored when I'm at home. It's possible for me to get bored when I'm out shopping (which is ironic, I know, but yeah :P).

15. I love to dress up. : )
16. I cry a lot. This especially happens in my prayers.
17. I used to worry about what other people thought of me. I do still, but to a much lesser extent than before.
18. Almost every major thing I have, with the exception of my camera, comes in warm colours. My favourite colour is red.

19. I am more proficient in English than in any other language, but more often than not, my language of preference is French.
20. My idea of a perfect role-playing game is : 1) Few or no suggestive themes 2) Really good rendering and outlandish CGI 3) Really good music 4) Story that drives a point home and makes you cry 5) NO GLITCHES.
21. I sing in the shower. But most of us do that, don't we ? :P

22. I often look at myself, at my dreams and I feel old before my time.

23. I often listen to myself speak into the mic or in front of the mirror.
24. I am very shy and often run out of things to say, to the point that I prompt my friends to continue the conversation or ask me things.
25. And finally... uh, are we done yet ?


Joshua at: September 10, 2010 at 9:14 PM said...

14. It's difficult for me to get bored when I'm at home. It's possible for me to get bored when I'm out shopping

I understand this one intrinsically.

troisnyx* at: September 11, 2010 at 2:23 AM said...

I... I'm glad ! ^_^

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