*sings* These are a few of my favourite thiiiiiiiiiiings... ~~

My high school name tags. No, seriously, that's how my name should be. First and last name. My last name, Singh, is a surname, not a patronymic as you folks in the Registration Department believe. (Believe it or not, they simply put "daughter of [insert father's name here]" after my actual name ! It is IRKSOME !)

A full pencil case. I haven't had a full pencil case since mid-first year. It's so big that I can actually stuff anything and everything in. ^_^

My Form 1 (or was it Form 2 ?) photo. Try to spot me. And yes, this is how secondary school-going students look like. Pinafores or baju kurung, take your pick.

The back of that photo has an inside joke which all my classmates and I know. This particular person, Asmira (see above : second row from the front, extreme right) often used to talk about this overaged guy named Azmi. We used to pull her leg by saying that she'd get married to this Mr Azmi one day. So, as you can guess, the words I am Mrs Azmi were not written by her. :P

The little corner in my room where I practise on the drums. No, seriously, I AM SQUISHED TO THE WALL ! But this is only my humble beginning... I suppose...


Joshua at: September 12, 2010 at 2:59 AM said...

Try to spot me.
"You are the Salt of the Earth.... As for the picture of the picture... Umm... Second from back, second from left. I would not stake my life on it.

Here, pick me out of my fourth grade class:

this is how secondary school-going students look like.

Not where I went to school. :P Had a few Muslims that went the high school, but...only one of them wore the head covering.

Are those bunk beds?

troisnyx* at: September 12, 2010 at 3:18 AM said...

Front row, second from left. : ) I'm one of the daring few who chose to don the pinafore ! */me looks at your school picture* I'm guessing you're at the back row ?

And yes, those are bunk beds. Double at the bottom, single at the top.

Joshua at: September 13, 2010 at 2:28 PM said...

Front row, second from left. : )

Really? Well...that wasn't my second guess, either. :P Looks like you had short hair. And were sleepy. Or maybe drugged. Haha.

the back row ?

Nah. I was the flake on the front row sticking out the tongue.

troisnyx* at: September 13, 2010 at 2:40 PM said...

The sun was too bright ! ^_^' I had to squint my eyes. I doubt I'd have been sleepy at that hour when I was taking photos, but if I was... well, I guess that qualifies too.

It wasn't a particularly cloudy day, and almost all our class photos and whatnot were taken in the outdoors.

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