Class acts, revisited

The following two covers were deemed by viewers to be the best of the whole lot. I honestly feel that these are the best for now, though we never know what can come in future.... n'est-ce pas ?

First of all, the cover you've all been waiting for.

It's Drôle de Creepie ! My first ever cover was also Drôle de Creepie, but in much lower quality. I had promised viewers that if I get a better mic, I'd rework the Creepie song. And well, here it is !

Some have said I was pretty nasal in my pronounciation. Which is quite true... I tend to go nasal a lot when I speak French. But I do at least make an effort to pronounce the R ! :P When I got my hands on the mic I decided that since it's in high quality, I could perhaps throw in a few more parts that were not there in the original. So it does sound more choirlike than the original. But how good is it even ?

This video is a continuation of my previous cover of A Thousand Words, which I also sang in Malay. One of my KHFR friends, Gaël, became a fan of the vid so much so that he even did an AMV with my previous cover. I remember him telling me to actually post the full version - in higher quality when I had the chance. I decided to do it right away ! :D

Again, just like for the Creepie song, I decided to throw in parts which were not included in the original version. All in all this thing used about nine or ten voice tracks...... o.O (which should've been, by right, seven or eight.)

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