Will Kingdom Hearts Wiki get a Twitter page of its own ?

That's what we'd like to find out ! It all started when Bluerfn and I discussed this on Twitter. Imagine, I was so gung-ho about the whole idea that I practically pinged all of Kingdom Hearts Wiki ! The people at Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki are yet to know about this. Fine, so not many of us have Twitter pages. But it's a step forward, I believe, either way ! Users will start getting used to the tweets ; followers will come and edit on the wikis. That's what we want our ultimate result to be.

Meanwhile, whilst watching over the forums waiting for responses, I've started developing backgrounds, in case the occasion arises and we need to start a page.

Normal version.

Heavy softglow version.

I did both backgrounds whilst thinking of, and ultimately listening to, Precious Stars in the Sky from the first Kingdom Hearts.
I love etoillic ambiences. Another drawing I did some time back also featured sparkles and stuff like that ; I also listened to another starry Kingdom Hearts song.

Maybe I'll call for more ideas. But that depends on the feedback.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is released in stores today, and I'd like to see what the English version has to offer. Apparently there's an in-built French version for Canadian gamers, though I'd like to see if this really is the case.


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