Kingdom Hearts Wiki’s Twitter is up !


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And whilst I’m at it, I even created provisory backgrounds to celebrate Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. That is to say, once it releases, of course. I used a template similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep background which is on the Twitter page.
Normal version.

Softglow version.

Thing is, I have another idea for the Re:coded BGs, but I’m not sure where to find translucent squares. Like the ones you see on the Re:coded wallpapers. If I use the squares, I’d fit with the theme a lot better. The circular bokeh bits remind me of Birth by Sleep’s introduction and this current BG needs to be distinct from the previous one, whilst still keeping to the theme. Anyone can tell me where to find them ?
Or perhaps I’ll scour DeviantArt tonight and see if there’s anything worth searching.


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