First day at Herts

Yesterday I began making friends... and believe it or not, the first five people I met are all French.
All French, and here for a semester, and all from the same region on top of that.

So it sorta felt odd being an odd duck among all of them, but I still joined in. Well, it all started when I discovered that the person living next to me is French. And then the fun came about.

Enough talk ; I decided to take some pictures of the campus.

This here is the place I live, all done up and ready. Much of the things have been brought from home, though we had to buy quilt covers and whatnot from here.

This here is the... well, it says everything for itself. I wanted to enter in, and it said the entrance was to my right ---

When I came to this place, I was overjoyed because it was just a block away ! It's outside Fern Hall, which is near to my residence, Chapman Hall. But... when I arrived at the door, I realised that it was closed. -__-

Later, the five of us went to the Forum. Just as its name suggests, the Forum is a place where students gather. This is the main area, taken from downstairs.

And this is the interior of the Forum's dining area. Note the light projections on the side wall ! :D We came here because there was free dinner - dinner rolls, chips and salad - for us international students, so we pretty much had our fill. Whilst I was eating, I told my neighbour, "There are people who haven't enough to eat... I've too much." I should've remembered that UK portions are much larger than Malaysian ones.


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