New works, again.

I managed to stuff in two new works before departure day... o.O Note, I'm saying this because my ticket to London is scheduled on the 15th.

This here is a cover of the so-called "propaganda theme" of MY (or at least, it was once called the propaganda theme of MY) - Sejahtera Malaysia. I gotta admit that this, Warisan and Jalur Gemilang figure in my list of favourite patriotic songs.

And speaking about Jalur Gemilang...

I had totally forgotten to put up this cover of it. It's almost the exact same version as that of Patriots' Night in National Service last year, but I threw in one extra voice part. This is how I intended Jalur Gemilang to sound like when I first wrote the score for it in 2007.

Now this... Well, this was pretty unexpected, yes ? Of all things, troisnyx* is using Mario Paint Composer ! The song featured here is Shipmeisters' Humouresque from the first Kingdom Hearts. I did it as a video response after hearing this guy's version of it... Whilst I know he made an effort, I honestly felt it could've been made better. So after hearing his version, I told myself I'd make a much better, more tonal version of it. And here you go !


Joshua at: September 14, 2010 at 3:20 AM said...

Haha! Someone actually programmed a freeware version of the Mario Paint composer? :D That's hilarious. I wanted to listen to it just because of that. :D

Never played the game, so I don't know how accurate you were, but the song was fun and well done. :) I noticed there was a severe lack of pig noises, though.

You have a very clean desktop. :P

troisnyx* at: September 14, 2010 at 3:49 AM said...

You didn't know ? That thing was on unFun games for quite a while already. Apparently they're developing version 2.0, but I'm not sure when that's coming. My personal favourites are the coins (I heart piano lines), the stars (most versatile), the flowers and GameBoys (most convivial melody lines), the hearts (best bass lines ever) and the toadstools and boats (percussion lines ; can't do without them if they're used properly). I dare not experiment with the animals.

And yes, I do have a clean desktop :P My desktop PC's screen is much cleaner than this one because the icons are smaller !

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