Ode to Lady Brittania

Remember that sketch of Lady Brittania's mugshot that I did the other day ? I finally finished my Lady Brittania sketch !

Well, it's because Lady Brittania has been treating me rather well. : )

The original finished product took less than 2 hours to finish in total, and I did it on Windows 7's Paint. I didn't know if I should colour her hair blonde or brown, so I ended up with a mix of both. Oh well. The entire thing was done on Brushes > Natural pencil.

The "cutout" version of Lady Brittania. I really like how this one turned out. All I did was copy/paste the earlier drawing on Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 version), and then I looked up the artistic effects and selected "Cutout". So in essence, the work is mine, the colour scheme is mine, but the final touches were quick ones. And I especially love how the hair and cape turned out at the end of it all. Oh and the dress too !


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