I know what you did this Monday

On Monday morning, when the music students were in the John Lill Music Centre at 10 for their induction and registration, I decided to get in at 11. I met Emmanuel, who was already inside by the time I got there, and we asked if there was a free room for us to practise. And so the room closest to the entrance was available - the one with the gamelan and the extra piano. I ended up using the piano a lot. : )

And guess what I recorded ?

An upgraded version of EXEC_MISERICORDE/. !

Now, I had told myself that I'd post a better version of it if I had the chance - and I indeed did. I didn't know what else to record, and so I did this Hymmnos song. No, I didn't record the voices in the music centre - I only did the piano track, and then had a little fun with the percussions (yes, I know what most of you are thinking, and no, I didn't take any pix or vids for that). I did the voices much later, when I was back in my room.

But that's not all.

Back when I was in my room I did this video of the Hollow Bastion theme from Kingdom Hearts. As a videoresponse to this. And I love how it turned out. : )


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