So what were the works you might've missed ?

I've been taking more time to update my YT and Twitter more than anything else, but whilst I'm at it, I might as well update the blog.

I now have three new covers, all done with the better mic.

This is my... sort of "final version" of Jalur Gemilang. The exact version which I sang in National Service, albeit with a few modifications. On the subject of National Service, this marks the day which I left Camp Miri after completing my 82-day stint. The day before, I was crowned Best Trainee, and the trainees from Miri were allowed to leave.

As for this one...... remember Galaxy ? At that point in time I only had a phone to record my parts. This time, I mic-recorded all the voices. And I threw in one or two voice effects.

Now, this third video... I can't call it a cover. It's part of Project Hymmnos, a work between two other friends and me. Friend #1 wrote the emotions for the song in English, Friend #2 translated it to Hymmnos, and I did the vocals.

This is only the introduction, and hence is a work in progress. I haven't actually sung the body of the song yet. Friend #1 is looking for something with the feel of EXEC_Z/. but I'm still looking for samples....

So yeah, that's pretty much my update on the videos.

Also, for those of you who have faithfully followed and listened to my past covers, I am preparing a rather familiar, but pleasant surprise. I shall not disclose any hints except this : it is a remake of one of my past covers.


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